Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kites: A Story In Pictures

A few weeks ago, we bought a kite to fly at the park across the street from our house, because it's almost always windy. For some reason, though, every time we planned to go use the kite for the first time, something came up and we had to postpone. But yesterday we finally made it over to the park with said kite in hand... only to find that there was almost no wind to speak of. There was enough of a breeze to get it in the air for a short time, so we made the best of it.

Cormac flying the kite mostly by himself.

A small amount of assistance,

And now on his own.

This is about as high as we got it.

A rainbow in the sky

Short range kite flying

Time to head home.

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merritt said...

Hooray! Beautiful photos, Mo!