Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aoife, Underwhelmed

A few weeks ago we started Aoife with solid food.  I was in no hurry, because breastfeeding is so easy and starting solids just complicates things.  Because then you have to remember to bring food with you when you go places, whereas with breastfeeding you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving your boobs at home.

We began with rice cereal, like "They" say you're supposed to do.  Let's just say that Aoife did not appreciate the flavor.  Or texture.  Or really anything about the rice cereal.  On the contrary, she was angry.  Like, "This is what I've been waiting for?  You have GOT to be @^$#% kidding me."  I gave her a few days to cool down and tried the rice cereal again, this time with a little more breast milk mixed in.  I think she started screaming at me before the spoon even touched her lips.

So then we tried bananas, because what kid doesn't like bananas?  Mine, apparently.  She was much less angry, but no less convinced that we were trying to poison her.  But she continued to be interested in the food that we were eating, so I figured maybe she just wants to be able to do it herself.  When Chris made pancakes this morning, we made a small one just for Aoife so that she'd be able to have her very own breakfast to do with as she liked.  This is what happened.  I thought about adding captions, but they're really not needed.

Yeah.  She's totally giving Chris a dirty look in that last one.

I'm not really sure where to go from here.  We've tried rice cereal, bananas, pears, pancakes, teething biscuits, and avocado on numerous occasions, with breast milk, without breast milk, in varied consistencies, and with different spoons.  Nothing strikes her fancy.  I can't decide if we should risk a throng of PETA picketers in our yard by continuing to beat a dead horse with the bananas, or if I should keep trying new things until I find something that she'll actually swallow.  I don't know.  She's going to need solids eventually though, because as much as I love and support breastfeeding, I will totally not be coming to school to give her a snack on her first day in Kindergarten.