Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sooo....two kids is a lot of work. Having that second kid doesn't just double your work, it increases it exponentially. Like, to the 112th power. All of a sudden you go from two-on-one to man-to-man defense. Or even zone when you're by yourself. Because now you have two dependents who are remarkably good at tag-teaming in the needs department. Take nap time, for example. I put Aoife down for a nap, then move on to Cormac. He takes for-freaking-ever to calm down, and by the time I get him somewhat settled Aoife has woken up angry because she has rolled to the other side of the crib and can't get her pacifier and lovey since her arms are pinned to her sides by the darn blanket. So then I get her back to sleep, and by that time Cormac has thrown all the toys out of the bins on his bookshelf and is using them to climb up higher on the bookshelf in order to fling more stuff off.

Or sometimes in the car, Aoife gets annoyed that she's still in her carseat because it's been, like, five whole minutes. So she starts fussing, which annoys Cormac, so he yells, which bugs Aoife so she cries louder, which makes Cormac cry, and so on. The situation deteriorates very rapidly.

And then try traveling with both of them. We did it a few weekends ago when we went to a wedding in Seattle. Thank God my parents were on the same flight with us, because otherwise one of our children would still be lost in the airport, and I would still be knocked out from all the Ativan. Here's the craziest thing, though: we're planning a trip in the beginning of November with just Chris, me, and the kids. To England. I know. We clearly did not have our thinking caps on when we made that decision. But the tickets are already booked, so across the pond we go. But it will be fine as long as no one loses anything too important, like an eye or a limb.

I had originally planned on making this post longer, but I've been working on it for, like, three days now, and I can't really remember what else I wanted to say. Because I have two kids. So I'm just gonna post what I've got, because, hey, it's something, right?