Sunday, May 2, 2010

Le Artiste

We recently got Cormac a table and chairs set that's sized for him and doesn't necessitate a combination of climbing, contorting, and balancing to climb into one, as our regular dining chairs do. Also, these pint-sized chairs don't allow him to climb onto the dining room table. Yet. That isn't to say that Cormac will stop climbing from the dining chairs onto the table, but I'm hoping a table and chairs of his own will at least limit the adrenalin pumping through my circulatory system on a daily basis. (As I write this he is standing on one of our dining chairs, alternating between bouncing and rocking back and forth. And now he's licking the chair.)

We also got him a box of crayons and some paper, and he's been having fun drawing at his table. The problem is, he doesn't understand (or chooses to ignore) the We Only Draw On Paper policy, and so his drawing has been confined to neither the paper, nor the crayons. In fact, the kid managed to find the only permanent marker in the house that had not been confiscated, and proceeded to expand his definition of "paper."