Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Time, No See

I was waiting to post this until I found the camera and could post some pictures of our vacation, but as of yet, I have only found the camera case. Once I find the actual camera, I'll add some pictures.

Yeah, I realize I've been MIA for a while. Highlights of the past couple months in brief: we took a really wonderful family trip to South Padre Island, TX, then I worked a lot (which was not wonderful), then I was just lazy (semi-wonderful), then Chris totally screwed up his back (wonderful, in the most sarcastic way possible). The last item meant that I was really busy doing everything around the house, and Chris was monopolizing the computer (and the TV. At the same time. What a multi-tasker!).

We had a ton of fun in South Padre Island. Chris has family down there, and they were kind and generous enough to let us stay in one of the houses they own down there, a house that just happens to be half a block away from the beach (yeah, it's about as plush as it sounds). Cormac absolutely LOVED the beach, other than the taste of sand, which he tried not once, but twice, for good measure. The waves were a little bigger than they usually are (so I was told), but Cormac thought they were just about the best thing ever. Actually, the bigger the wave, the more excited he got, and he would quite literally run straight into the waves. And he would just keep going deeper and deeper until someone grabbed him before he was pulled under, which annoyed him. The kid has no fear.

I'm not going to go into detail about working a lot because it's mostly boring. Other than the old, naked guy running down the hall while trying to escape. He was pretty fast.

And finally, Chris's back is a lot better, thank goodness. Turns out he has a bulging disc, and I know all about that sort of pain. Not fun. But the nice thing about the bulging disc (as opposed to a herniated disc, like I had) is that the body will reabsorb it, and the pain goes away. I mean, he still has to be careful not to bend and twist at the same time, or lift heavy things incorrectly, but, really, everyone should be doing that anyway.

Ok, I'm gonna try hard to post more often, but I'm not promising anything.