Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conversations With Cormac. And Aoife. And Inanimate Objects.

While driving in the car, I hear voices in the backseat. At a stoplight I turn to look at Cormac.
Cormac: I'm talking to Aoife.
Me: Oh yeah? What's she saying?
Cormac: Ah.

Cormac: Hi!
Chris: Hey, Kiddo! What are you coming over here for?
Cormac: I'm coming to eat ice cream!
Chris: Oh, you want some ice cream, huh?
Cormac: Ok!

Cormac to his stuffed bunny: No, no. I don't like this. I need some space... Ow! Don't kick! That hurts.

I'm taking Morris for a walk with Aoife in the Moby wrap. As I cross the street, I pass a woman who asks, "Is that a little baby in there?"
Me: Yup!
No, I have a ten-pound tumor on my torso that I like to decorate with scarves.